Thematic areas

Welfare policies

We support non-profit organisations, foundations, public bodies, training entities and associations in the fields of education, economic and social inclusion, equal opportunities and community welfare for the implementation of sustainable projects.


By fostering the creation of networks and the exchange of good practices  we support public and private bodies in the search for the most suitable European and national funds to finance cultural projects aimed at stimulating creativity, encouraging intercultural dialogue, enhancing the historical-artistic heritage.

Local and regional development

We are committed to the promotion of local and regional communities as well as of their artistic, scenic and productive resources, through the establishment of exchange relations and the development of sustainable and innovative projects.


We support public authorities and private organisations to set up strategies for the development of green tourism, the enhancement of natural resources and the dissemination of eco-innovative production methods. Prodos monitors national and international calls for proposals and tenders suitable to finance ideas in the fields of waste management, climate change and blue growth.


For Prodos, health means guaranteeing access to effective care, the protection and validation of gender differences and childhood, a rational use of resources. We assist public and private healthcare entities and medical and scientific research institutes in the development of projects contributing to the physical, psychological and social well-being of the EU citizens.

Research and innovation

We support SMEs, start-ups, universities, businesses and public administrations that believe in progress, new technologies and new communications, seeking the most suitable sources of funding and planning sustainable and innovative projects. Research and innovation shall always be at the service of individual and collective well-being.